GAN Joins Up With Station Casinos on Facebook

GAN, the parent company of Station Casino, announced on August 2 that it has joined hands with Facebook to launch Station Casinos on Facebook, a virtual casino gaming site that allows customers to play real-time game on the Internet with their Facebook profiles. GAN first unveiled Station Casinos as its partner in partnership with Facebook on August 2 and without revealing the customer’s identity.

This virtual casino gaming site is meant to work with Facebook users and create a connection between GAN, Facebook and Station Hot Shot Casino slots on Facebook, thereby giving casino players a wider range of options when playing casino slots. The Simulated Gaming option will be integrated into the Station Hot Shot Casino slots on Facebook Casinos’ MyBoardingPass rewards scheme and will be launched during the company’s gaming enterprises’ gambling ventures. This casino gaming site is intended for people with little or no experience in online casino gaming and is one of the few that has been established solely for Facebook users.

The GAN’s online casino slots are different from those offered by other online casinos as it is built with the user in mind who likes to have the ability to interact with its virtual casinos and chat with its players through its Facebook page. GAN’s aim is to help customers learn more about casino gaming through its Facebook page which enables the casino player to interact with other gamblers.

The My Boarding Pass rewards scheme is designed to reward customers who use their Facebook account to play online. GAN and Facebook are partners for the promotion of Station Hot Shot Casino slots. The rewards are available in a variety of forms such as free drinks, free casino games, and free casino games in return for entering the Facebook fan page. If a Facebook user wins a prize, then GAN will automatically distribute the funds to the customer’s bank account, which is a feature that GAN has implemented as part of its partnership with Facebook.

GAN will also promote the Station Hot Shot Casino slots on Facebook by promoting its slot machine at the Facebook page, including its slot machine’s icon and by sharing its website with all its Facebook fans and followers, thus increasing the exposure of the casino gaming site on Facebook. to all Facebook users.

Station Casinos on Facebook will continue to operate its slot machines on Facebook in the same way it works with other casino websites such as Blackjack Casinom, Party casino, Jackpot Poker, Slotspot casino and Slotomania. This casino gaming site is also planning to add more slot machine to its Facebook page so that its Facebook users can choose which ones they want to play with from the different slot machine available. GAN will work closely with Facebook in the promotions of its slot machines to ensure that more players can be reached as well as more users get to know about GAN’s offerings to the online casino gaming community.