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Video Slots Mobile Casino is fully accredited and governed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta, the UK Gambling Commission and Curacao e Gaming ensuring safe and responsible online gambling. There are many countries in Europe where live casinos are prohibited, as there are inadequate infrastructure and security for online gaming. Live casinos are highly targeted by cyber criminals who attempt to hack financial and personal information from computers. Video Slots Mobile Casino will provide a secure and convenient gaming experience for all consumers in the UK, Ireland, Malta, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.

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The Malta Regulator of Online Business and VAT had this to say: “A video slots mobile casino that offers an incentive to enter with a deposit bonus, i.e. a number of free spins with each deposit, is a dangerous game because the player does not know the condition of the machine, how much it is worth or any other relevant information which could affect his investment. It is the casino’s responsibility to ensure that its machines are operated in the most reliable and consistent manner. This is what makes an audited financial report essential for a casino to operate lawfully.”

The Gambling Commission of Ireland had this to say: “The commission has concerns about online casinos in the Republic of Ireland offering bonuses or ‘bundings’ to members that are obtained in this manner. This form of payment occurs without the knowledge or agreement of the individual gambling for such an arrangement may constitute a contravention of the law and/or be contrary to the objectives of the gambling commission. This can also have a significant effect on the operation of other casinos in the Republic of Ireland that have a legitimate right to offer their members’ incentives or promotions in order to encourage them to make deposits or play games. This practice may also have a significant effect on the operation of online casinos in the UK, as well as those in Northern Ireland.” In light of this, the commission has been calling for action against online casinos in the UK that offer these “feel good” video slots.

A recent sting Operation into two online casinos found that all of the machines at the online Casino Royal and Aventura were being fixed to receive a deposit bonus from the owner of the casino – they were playing slots! Further investigation showed that the owner of the Royal and Aventura Casinos was aware of this situation and had ordered a large deposit bonus to be sent to the players. An independent FCA investigator stated that he believed that the bonuses could constitute fraud.

This is not the only incidence of an online casino in the UK that has run into problems with the law. In January of this year, police in Manchester were called to a home in connection to the deaths of two men who had been playing online at a casino. The men were playing video slots when they lost all of their money. Two other men who were present in the home with the deceased also ended up losing money when they made what they thought were winning bets.

Video slots games on the internet are popular and becoming hugely popular in the UK. Many different types of online casinos have opened up in the last few years, many offering video slot games as well as other types of casino games. It has been reported that more people are now using these types of online casinos rather than the traditional bricks and mortar casino style gambling houses. However, there is always the chance that something can go wrong and you might lose your money. Although, given the popularity of the video slots games, this would seem unlikely.